Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Text Message Tuesday

*updating Jordan on the family...

Message: "Nana got her kitty. It looks a lot like mr. Rogers. She said if you stroke yourself like a cat, he will like you. I'm scared."

Reply: "Hahahahaha."


* sometimes it's not easy being the older "mom-like" co-worker friend who is always there... but it is entertaining.

Message: "I think I read you poetry last night and cried. Did I make a fool of myself?"

Reply: "Yup..."


*and on the subject of co-workers, I'm not above a little text message gossip

Message: "They're hollow, empty people, and they creep me out sometimes."

Reply: "I'm glad you're not."

Message: "Hollow? I know. Me too."

Reply: "Like a chocolate easter bunny... looks good from the outside but so unsatisfying when you get inside it."

Message: "What candy am i??

Reply: "Eye."

Message: "Thanks."

Reply: "I do what I can."


Message: "I'm sick."

Reply: "What's wrong?"

Message: " Runny nose. Head ache. Horrible sore throat."

Message: "Remember that time I stabbed myself in the throat with the marshmellow stick when you bet me I couldn't swallow three in a row?"

Reply: "Yeah..."

Message: "It's like that... except the mallows were still on fire."

Reply: "Bad."


*ahhhh... the hazards of texting without both hands...

Message: "U feeling better?"

Reply: "Not so much... Feels like I swallowed a blow torch."

Message: "I'm dirty."

Reply: "Haha. Hands are full. Hard to text. Sorry."

Message: "So... when you said "I'm dirty..." was that supposed to be i'm driving... or just more information than I needed?"

Reply: "Was supposed to be "I'm sorry"... I'm actually quite clen!"

Reply: "Clean."



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