Monday, February 15, 2010

The post V Day slump...

Valentine's Day has come and gone. The cards are lost. The candy is eaten. And I'm stuck at work... basically a 40 hour work week in 3 days. I've been working an extra 12 hour shift a week for awhile, and I only have one more week scheduled. I'm ready to be home. I'm ready to be part time again. If I don't have enough money for something, it means I don't need it. I'm done. I'm spent. I'm exhausted.

I haven't seen my kids. I haven't cuddled my husband. I haven't played with my dog.

I'm awake again while everyone else is asleep. And tomorrow, while everyone is awake, I'll struggle to be a nice person. I'll attempt to stay awake. I'll try to be positive and cheerful. I'll try to remember how much I miss them right at this moment... when what I'll really want to do is crawl in my bed and die.

The only good thing about being awake all night is that I get to listen to Jordan's radio show at WHPK 88.5. If you're ever awake on a Monday morning from 2 -4 am, check her out. She has great taste in music. Getting to hear her voice tonight is gonna make up for feeling horrible tomorrow... well mostly.

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