Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Text Message Tuesday

Message: "I'm at the $1 movies with the kids.... and "I want your sex" is the song playing while we wait for the G movie to start... um?"

Message continued: "The kids are dancing along "sex is natural. Sex is fun. Sex is something that everyone should do." I'm trying to talk as loud as I can to keep them from hearing the words.... All the other white trash here at the $1 movies are staring at me..."

Reply: "Fun fun times at the white trash theater. Here ours is the Mexican Mafia dollar theater. It's true. Knifes sell at the concession stand for 5 bucks."

Message: "That's the funniest thing I've ever heard."


Message: "I just saw someone at Sam's that I know. I am a mess. I'm hissing."

Message: "I just re-read that... I'm hiding, not hissing."

Reply: "I figured."


Message: "Have you heard the Black Eyed Peas song, I'm a Bee? It reminds me of me."

Reply: "No but I've seen what fergie's wearing in the video. Crazy."


Message: "Awwww crap. I died my car red... except my roots are pink. Justine said, "cool mom. You look like a rockstar...." NOT!"

Reply: "Your car? Your hair? Take a picture of either one please! I want to see!"

Message: "Hair. Hair. Hair."

Reply: "Take a picture of your hair hair hair and send it to me."

Message: "No way."


* a special message all the way to Chicago and back

Message: "Especially miss you today."

Reply: "I miss you too. Love."


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