Wednesday, February 24, 2010


So ya know that dog I was bragging about?

Yeah... he's a big dog. Big enough to stand on his back legs and get into the large trash dumpster...

If you're squeamish at all... stop reading now.

If you'd like a laugh at my expense... keep reading.

I took "the boys" (dogs) out to the bathroom one last time before bed only to realize that Morgan had gotten into the trash and spread it all over the Manson's yard.

I started to pick up the trash when I realized he had gotten into a bag of trash with ...*ahem* used feminine hygiene products and had spread them all over the neighborhood. The bag was even double bagged and tied shut, but he was a determined, disgusting beast.

As I was attempting to pick up the disgusting remnants of the trash, the dogs kept grabbing the trash and running away with it.

If you've never played tug 'o war with a used tampon... well let's just say, it's not fun. Thank God they put strings on those things.

My DNA is all over the neighborhood.

I'm spent.

My apologies to the Mansons... again.

Good night.


Denise said...

Gina I am freaking rolling all over the floor. Tears are streaming down my face. Lady, I will not be able to get that picture out of my head as I tuck myself into bed. Thanks once again for the laugh. I can always count on you. BTW, couldn't have been a nicer neighbor to share the wealth with huh???

Abby said...

Ah, yes, we have had this wonderful experience also. It was contained in our house, though...that the neighbor lady dogsitting for us found....all over the white carpet and white couch. Dogs are beyond disgusting at times.

Jordan said...