Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Dangers of Facebook

As I recently mentioned, my 20th high school reunion is this summer. I have officially drank the Kool Aid and joined the facebook group which is planning the reunion.

I received an email update today regarding those we've lost over the last 20 years. It was a list of names. Several of the names I knew were gone. I knew *H* had died with pancreatic cancer right after graduation. I knew *C* had committed suicide.

I saw a name of a friend who was a very good friend of Jordan's dad in high school.

I called him and left a message, "Did you know Mike *H* died?"

He called back immediately and I told him where I had seen it. We googled for obituaries. We searched newspaper websites for information. And found nothing.

A few hours later, I get on the facebook reunion group, and see this message from Mike's sister:

"I would like to post that Mike *H* is not Dead. He's alive and Kicking. I just talked to him the other day. He still my big bro."

I call Brian back and tell him the news, and we both agree we'll try to go to the reunion if for nothing else but to give Mike the biggest hug ever and celebrate that he's not dead.

Oh, the dangers of facebook!