Friday, November 09, 2007

What's in a day?

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much lately. I have been trying to get my life under control before I become a mother again! School is going better; I'm almost there! 1 more HUGE paper in 1 class and 2 more papers in another class, and I will be done with my 2nd semester of grad school. Unbelievable. I am beginning to feel better and my kids are actually getting their school work completed in a timely manner (for the most part) So I have been feeling somewhat philosophical lately as we wait for the news from Ethiopia. What's in a day? As each day passes, we wait and wait and wait. I think of all the things in my life I wish I had more time in each day. A homeschooling mother wanting to do more and more and more, I wish there were more time. A now 17 year old daughter counting the days until college... I wish I had more time with her at home. My kids are counting the days until Christmas...when will it be here? Sooner than you think! My friend pregnant with twins, each day those babies stay in utero, the better, I'm sure she counts the days both until she becomes a mother and counts the days that her twins are safe, protected and growing inside her. Each day is a victory for her. Our friends buying their first home, counting the days until it's official and they can move in. We all live in this time warp where we want things to go faster or slower all the time. When we are suffering, we just want time to hurry up. When we're anxious, we just want to get it over with. Yet there have been moments in my life when I think, "I don't want this moment to end." My goal is to have more of those slowed down, cherished moments in life than the "I just want this over with moments." While I absolutely cannot wait to meet my new kids, I also know that all of this is in God's time and when I am CONSTANTLY saying "hurry, hurry, hurry", God may just be saying "Wait patiently and enjoy the ride". So that's what we are going to try to do. We are going to do our best to enjoy this time that we have right now and I'm looking for ways to make those really great moments. Thanks for listening to my ramblings. I know you all probably think I'm losing it... just don't tell the Ethiopian government.

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