Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sleepless in Springfield...

Well, we've kicked it into hyperdrive. Jeff and I went Christmas shopping last night. Our goal is to have everything done for Christmas before Dec 1st, so that we can entirely focus on travel details. We did pretty good, I think. Several years ago, we decided that our kids would get 3 gifts each, just as the wise men gave to baby Jesus. This has worked out really well for us. Christmas was getting so out of hand, and I believe everyone (kids and parents alike) were forgetting what it was REALLY about. So it takes a little while longer to shop because you have to make sure that those 3 gifts are really what they want. It was our first time to shop for 6 kids. WOW! I think the people at KMART thought we were a bunch of freaks. Then of course we had to get 6 new sets of pajamas - a tradition from the time Jordan was little. Everyone gets to open 1 present on Christmas eve, which I conveniently get to choose out - it's always pajamas. That way they look good for Christmas morning pictures. I think traditions are so important for families. I'm always looking at ways to implement or continue traditions. The kids really notice things like that, and it's very comforting to them. So back to my story, we got home and everyone was in bed (mostly asleep). Thank you babysitter Jordan. Jeff and I laid awake until past 1:00 am tossing and turning. Occasionally one of us would say "We've got a court date" and that would begin a rash of giggling and more sleeplessness. Man, I think we both are feeling that today. We are both dragging today!

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