Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Red Thread Adoption Fairy Tale

My mom bought me the best, most awesome book in the world. Those of you who know me know that my two favorite things in the world are books and children. Children's book are over the top. This fairy tale is about a king and a queen who have an aching in their hearts and no one they know can fix it. A man gives them spectacles to put on and when they do so, they see a red thread coming out of each of their chests, combining to be just 1 thead. The thread is all over the place and they can't see the end of it. They even try to cut the thread, but can't. So the king and the queen leave their kingdom and follow the red thread. Their journey is long and hard. It takes them to a foreign country where they finally find the end of the red thread. Their two threads are tied to both ankles of a baby. I love this book. I am posting a link to Amazon where you can purchase the book for around $10. If you know of anyone who has adopted, this would be a great Christmas gift. Thanks. G

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