Monday, November 12, 2007

Visa Applications

Well I am still trying to track down our Visa applications and passports that were sent to Washington DC at the end of October. It is supposed to take a few days turn around and we are past 2 weeks. I have called the Mail box it place because my fed ex tracking number didn't work or wasn't found. They were supposed to find out when the package was received by the Embassy and get back with me. Of course they haven't done that yet. I attempted to call the Ethiopian embassy myself today, but they're closed for Veterans Day. Which means I won't get any mail today, which means I will have to wait until tomorrow afternoon to see if our stuff comes. I also attempted to email the Embassy for verification of receipt of our documents. Of course their email address came back as a failure to deliver. OK, I am going to just have to relax about this a little bit. From what I am reading on other adoption blogs, the MOWA (Ministry of Women's Affairs) is way behind. I know of some families who are still waiting for court dates who received referrals on Oct 3. Ours didn't even get to the country until Oct 24th! OK I promised I wasn't going to get all wrapped up in all the details, so I'm going to stop this ranting right now.

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