Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fasten your seatbelts, keep your arms inside the car at all times...

Our blog should come with a warning label. Do not read our blog if you are emotionally fragile, homicidal, suicidal or allergic to drama....So sit down and take a deep breath. I received a phone call today from Crystal. Shimellis called her from Ethiopia and said that the courts are so backed up, they are working day and night to get all of these court cases in, and get all of the paperwork processed....SOOOOOOOOOOOO We are not going to be able to travel to get the kids until the middle of January. :( If we went before verification that all of the documents were complete, we could get stuck there for a month, or worse yet have to come home empty handed and go back (like I could pay for that) later to get the kids. So I took this a lot better than I thought I would. I didn't cry, I didn't fight, I didn't question. God gave me the peace to know that all of this is in his plan. The lack of excitement I had yesterday was due to worry for the kids about coming into this mess at the time of Christmas. Can you imagine everything completely foreign and new to you? living with people you don't know? traveling for 30 hours? and getting off an airplane to tons of people with gifts and trees and Christmas tree lights. Sounds a little overwhelming, don't you think? Another good point is that our airfare will be a lot cheaper than right at Christmas. So we will keep holding on and keep waiting and prayer for our kids. I am curious to see how many Ethiopia children are adopted each year. I will have to research this tonight. TTYL, G

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