Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am tissue paper.

Thin (Patience)

Fragile (Emotions)

Transparent (Feelings)

*I'm sorry it seems as though I've turned this blog into some sort of a depression workbook. I promise to write about something happy tomorrow. Maybe. I so wanted to enjoy these last few months of homeschooling the children. They, however, have other plans. They are planning on bringing me to a point of tears evidently. Which is why they went to bed at 7:30pm.


Shonya said...

Maybe it's the weather!!!! I'm not enjoying my kiddos like normal, either--just count the hours until bedtime it seems! It'll get better here in a couple weeks when we can all get outside and enjoy it. . .right?

Muse Mama said...

I've been struggling a lot lately, with my post partum depression. That post completely resonated with me today. So, take heart. You're not alone.

I hope you start to feel better soon, though.