Friday, March 26, 2010

Summer Camp

Do you remember that post I wrote about summer camp? You know... the one right here?

Well I just filled out the applications and sent in all *gulp* 5 deposits.

Josh is going to a soccer camp at William Jewell College in Liberty MO. The remaining bees are going to Camp Wakonda.

They are all going to be gone the same week in July.

I couldn't be happier with the whole thing.

When I showed them the brochures for camp and named off a dozen of so amazing activities, Jameson asked,

"Is that all there is to do?"

And I kinda wanted to pinch her little head off, but then I realized that perhaps if you're from Ethiopia and you don't know what camp is like, that's a valid question? I don't know. The other kids have never been to camp before either, but I'm just trying to rationalize that statement in my head and think maybe she's just anxious or excited or something else and she just sucks at verbalizing that?

I can't tell whether Josh is excited or not... New things tend to freak them out. I'm sure he'll come around. Or maybe he just sucks at showing his emotions... (this I know for sure.) So maybe he's jumping up and down on the inside? Only time will tell.

The other kids offered to have a garage sale to pay for all of it... I think it's gonna take more than a garage sale though...

But it's gonna be so worth it!


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Nichole said...

I used to LOVE camp. Even the year I went to Band Camp I had a blast! They'll all have a great time, and if they don't, they're a counselors problem - not yours :)