Thursday, March 04, 2010


What is it about a few days of good weather that can make all my problems seem to evaporate?

Seeing how this winter has pretty much sucked for me in every possible way, I think I can safely say that perhaps I suffer from S.A.D.

Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I've never officially been diagnosed, but I believe it's fair to say it must play a part in this crappy mood I've been in for months.

We went outside yesterday and I surveyed the damage to the back yard from a long hard winter.

I suddenly, and yes I mean suddenly, felt hopeful again.

The sun was shining. The temperature, while brisk, no longer hurt my unexposed skin. The trees have buds just beginning to form. The sky was blue.

It was like I had just awoken from my hibernation.

My long winter's nap was over.

I had vision.

I had hope.

I could see us frolicking and playing in the pool.
We were carefree.
We were happy.
I could see green grass.


I could even see the flowers I have yet to plant. The gigantic elephant ears sprouting. The cabana with the new, flowing, white curtains. The hideout we never finished last year. The new rope swing hanging from the deck.

Oh thank you Spring! Please hurry... I'm beginning to feel myself again.


Muse Mama said...

My husband has started to realize that the Winter is affecting my mood. We're in Minnesota, and I was raised in California. The Winter just sucks the life out of me after a while. On Sunday he literally put me on a plane to go see my parents for a couple of days. And I was amazed at how much better I felt with sunshine!

Apparently, there's some sort of light you can get. But I think I'd prefer sunshine.

Renee said...

I totally, completely identify. We're still pretty wintery here in Northern NY, but just seeing the little bit of mud in the driveway makes me hopeful again!

Julia said...

This has been the first year I've felt that way since living here in Colorado. I just had the same realization! CO can have some snow, this year's been worse tho. Mostly it's sunny, sunny, sunny--the small snows we get melt the next day. We have 300+ days of sun. This winter has NOT been that way. So that, along with devil child has not been so good. However, I've suddenly figured out devil child AND the sun came out AND it got warmer AND the trees have tiny buds AND...

"The hills are alive with the sound of muuuuuuuusic!!!!!!!!"

Maybe we should all go out and get a lamp for next year...