Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dear Daughter,

Jaiden and I started a little mother-daughter project recently that we'd like to share with you.

I call it "Dear Daughter"; she calls it "Dear Mommy."

I write down a question for her to answer. She has a few days to answer the question and give the notebook back to me. But before she gives the notebook back, she has to write a question for me to answer. And so repeats the pattern.

I've taken a few questions from the book Conversations Starters for Parents and Kids, but I've also made up several questions. The questions vary from the very silly to the very thought provoking, serious questions.

Jordan and I did this years ago, and it was not only a great way to get to know some of her inner thoughts, but was also a great bonding opportunity.

The requirements for this little project are a strong ability and desire to read and write, a little creativity, and a little discipline to keep the give and take going.

I'll keep you posted on my favorite conversations...



Larsons said...

This is such a NEAT THING TO DO. What a wonderful idea. This can open up lots of journies, fun and will be so insightful. Wish I could of thought of this. Things just didn't enter my mind. A memory book is unreplaceable.Blessings!

Shonya said...

Fabulous idea. I'm doing something somewhat similar, as my daughter and I read books together and journal responses to them, but I like your idea. I'm not very consistent with it. . .

Sandi said...

What a great idea. I can see where this would give my daughter a easier way to articulate her thoughts with me. she would much prefer to write then talk.