Sunday, March 07, 2010

My Champion

This weekend set off the outdoor soccer tourney season here at Ellerbeeville.

I worked Friday night, went home and slept for 3 hours and popped out of bed to watch Josh play soccer all day on Saturday.

When I got to work on Saturday, I received a text from Josh, "Thanks for coming to my games today. I love you so much." Awwww.

Repeat same sleep schedule on Sunday. The only difference being that I didn't pop out of bed after 3 hours of sleep. I crawled. Slowly. I gave myself a pep talk to get moving with only a little back talk from myself.

Josh's team ended up winning the entire championship of the tournament.

I was so proud to be there watching him. So proud to be his mama. So in awe that he learned this game in Ethiopia; playing with a soccer ball made of wadded up plastic bags. So in awe that he is so easily loved. So in awe that he's my son. So in awe.

I know. I'm feeling all goo goo inside, but that's probably because I've had 6 hours of sleep since Thursday night.

Enjoy the pics. I'm going to fall over now.


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