Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Career Day

Have I mentioned how much I love this kid?

How her creativity and imagination leave me scratching my head and holding my sides in laughter day after day?

Does anyone want to fathom a guess as to what she was for Career Day?

She kinda looks like a cat burglar...

But she was actually an FBI spy for career day in the 1st grade Co-Op Class of 2010.

I love it that the rest of her class were nurses, teachers, cowboys and firemen.

And that she did a kung-fu spinning somersault through the door to enter into class.

Every day people.... It's like this every single day.



Muse Mama said...

I was going to guess: a borg, but I suppose becoming part of the collective Borg consciousness isn't exactly a career.

Way to go for your spy kid, though!

Julie said...

That is AWESOME! And I love that she can express it - how very cool. I will admit to some FBI Spy fantasies myself - probably too many years watching Alias and 24 :-)

Larsons said...

I thought her attitude looked strong maybe a police woman. She seems to understand Action Role Cut tape and gets it right the first time. A great actress. Drama
role playing is her gift.