Tuesday, March 02, 2010

she says everything twice. she says everything twice

I'm a little worried.

About my youngest little Bee.

She has an annoying habit.

But what if it's more than just an annoying habit?

Justine has gotten in a habit of repeating everything she says. I think it started out as an attempt at comedic humor. She will say something funny, and then she'll say it again to make sure we laugh at her.

But now, she's repeating EVERYTHING she says.

She is so the typical youngest child. She is the clown. She is the baby. She is the one who keeps us laughing all the time. I say "hysterical" ... an outsider would probably say "attention seeking".

Best case scenario, it's a habit she has honed to enhance her value as a comedian.

Worst case... she feels like we don't hear her so she must repeat everything twice. Oh dear Lord, is she repeating everything because I don't listen to her enough? I have to admit, it sometimes is difficult to be heard in this family. There are those who are louder and those who are time sucks and require all the time I have, and there are just so many people to compete with around here.

We have started reminding her not to repeat. I have reminded her that I am listening to her. I am here. I am present. There is no need to repeat unless I ask her to.

This parenting thing never does get easier does it? Do you think I'll ever not think that I've caused my kids some sort of permanent damage by what I've done or haven't done for them?

Good grief. Good grief.


Shonya said...

I'm counting on the grace of God to smooth over all my rough edges! I tend to say things twice when I *think* I'm being funny and no one laughed! chuckle

Larsons said...

What a darling! She is my scholar, and yes repetition makes perfection sounds like she wants to help everyone's attitude. Ha! This to will pass. mom