Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Text Message Tuesday

Join us for a laugh, a cry, perhaps a snort or two...

just a typical Tuesday around here...

*My number one of all times funniest text messages of an actual conversation over our Thanksgiving dinner...

Message: "During our Thanksgiving dinner, my sister-in-law said, "and just think, we still have the divorce to look forward to..." I think she meant dessert..."

Reply: "How Fruedian... Pass me the pumpkin pie and I'll have the divorce..."

*a sign that I can't have an entire day without movie quotes of some sort...

Message: "I told Josh maybe they'd make a movie about him and soccer. I said maybe they'd get Sandra Bullock to play me. Jeff said more like Kathy Bates. Jerk."

Reply: "And you'd talk like she did in the waterboy?"

Message: "My mama said. My mama said. My mama said."

Reply: "My mama said alligatas is mean cuz dey aint got no toothbrush to brush all dem teeth."

Message: "I'll show you medulla oblongata colonel sanders..."

Message: "Jeff got Justine a puppy as a surprise for her birthday! I want to name him Carlos."

Reply: "You did? I love Carlos. Name him Carlos!!"

Message: "She told Jeff, "I have no clue how I'm ever going to thank you for this!"

Reply: "She said that? How cute!"

Message: "He gave it to her while I was at work. She called me and said, Mom, I've got big news. Real big news. I got a puppy. And he's alive..."


*some text messages state the obvious...

Message: "I think our puppy is going to end up with a stupid name..."


Message: "I think I want to steal your advent calendar idea."

Reply: "Oh yeah, well I think I love you."

Message: "I KNOW I love you."


Message: "I'm so desperate to have neighbors like the Stofas. I'm thinking of befriending the Mansons... I'm so lonely for you...

Reply: "Awww! One day (in a perfect world) we will be neighbors, and in-laws, and best friends, and marathon runners, and best selling authors."


Message: "We're at church waiting for service to begin. Our church is like having a smart kid who you're just sure is better than anyone else's kid and you just want to brag about it all the time. That analogy went a little flat didn't it?"


Message: "We need to think of a good name for this puppy..."

Reply: "Edward, Jasper, Demetri, Vladimir, Santiago, Alistair, Eric, Sam, Northman...?"

Message: "No vampire names. How about Moose?"

Reply: "I like my pets to have real names, not names of inantimate objects... How about Northman?"

Message: "That's not a real name..."

Reply: "Yes is is..."

Message: "Rico, Blue, Rudy, Pedro,Daniel, Kramer, Yoda, Goliath, Wolf, Clint, Mel, Artie, Bob, Doug?"

Reply: "Astro, Grey, Preston, Big Mike, George, Pete, Sawyer, Hugo, Pippy, Quinn, Roxy, Rocky, Harley, Cicero, Ferdinand, Ike, Spock, Captain Kirk, Pablo, Carlos...?"

Message: "Kids decided on Oliver..."

Reply: "I can live with that."


*some text messages are my way of sharing some of the saddest things I've ever experience...

Message: "I actually wish the Japanese had invented a synthetic blood like in Trueblood. I just watched a woman die because her religion prohibited her from taking any blood products. It would have totally saved her life..."


*I've been waiting for the I'm homesick text message all semester...

Message: "love you! I got homesick yesterday for the first time ever! IT sucked."

Reply: "But you're over it today??? I got homesick for you too! I love you and miss you sooooo much!"


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