Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa's Progress

Track Santa's progress here.

On a sad note, we've been tracking Santa's progress at our house, and as he approached Africa, Jameson informed us that, "Santa doesn't go to Ethiopia because they only believe in Jesus."

While I don't want her to think that we don't also believe in Jesus, I also don't want to hurt her feelings about where she came from and the traditions they held dear there.

Perhaps it hurts less to think that is why Santa never came to Ethiopia. I just agreed with her and said that probably was why she hadn't seen Santa before.

Another one of those adoption things I never quite know the answer to. She has been so excited for Christmas this year. She's driving us all mad with the constant counting down and "if today was tomorrow and tomorrow was today, it would be Christmas..." WHAT?

And so here we track Santa's progress over Africa. I wonder if I should show her when Santa's in Ethiopia or just let that one lie...


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Larsons said...

Our blessed Lord.. should never be second. Santa is God's helper bringing christ love to us all.Jesus birthday is God's greatest miracle and gift to the whole world. Glory to God in the Highest! Jesus, Jesus come to us and live in people's hearts. Thank you for the gift of life,family and love. nanna