Thursday, November 26, 2009

What I really give thanks for...

Our post Thanksgiving celebrations consisted of going to see the movie

The Blind Side.

It's got to be a special occasion when we all get to go to the movies because well... it costs a fortune for a family of *sigh* now 7, to go to the movies.

We have had some issues with gratitude lately. Like the paper that was supposed to be written about something they are grateful for... which was turned in blank multiple days in a row because they couldn't think of anything to be grateful for.

The attitudes abounded above and beyond the assignment. Food issues resurfaced after a year and a half. Laziness. Not being involved with the family. Not being present.

I have to admit my feelings were hurt. I haven't been feeling very grateful for my adopted kids, my gifts, quite honestly, because I didn't feel too appreciated either. I was irritated and manipulated.

We all went to a family movie tonight. I was in tears in the first 5 minutes. And I stayed there.

I cannot recommend this movie enough for any and everyone. Not only do I feel so much more grateful for my children, but in general am once again appreciating the miracle that is their lives. The miracles that brought them to me. The miracles that we have yet to see unfold.

I hope and pray that all the kids learned something from the movie tonight. I hope they learned about gratitude, hardwork, family.

On the way home, I told Josh maybe they'd make a movie about his life when he's a professional soccer player. I mentioned that perhaps Sandra Bullock could play me as well. Jeff snorted and said, "more like Kathy Bates."

Nice huh?

Go see this movie! It is awesome!



Larsons said...

May your children be blest with motivation!!!!!!!!!!! Easy street or challenge!!!!!!!! Maybe they need to go work at a soup kitchen or see a special needs children place!!! This always helped me. My experience is limited but getting past self to selfness. Jordan always said her mom was such a selfless person. mom Can not wait to see the movie. Thank you.

Sandee said...

I did see this. It is awesome. I plan to take my oldest to see it. a 1:1 date. and then another time with my middle child. I want the 1:1 with them and the chat afterwards. So I will get to see it 3 times! lol (I have two free movie will just be paying for them.).

Larsons said...

Your dad and I saw this young man play football yesterday. Got to see several tackles. Fun!!!!!!!!! Inspiring!!!!!!!!mom 11-29-2009 Baltimore Team. Woh!!!!!!!!!!