Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Text Message Tuesday

Message: "He just told me the dog bites him because he's brown and the dog thinks he's chocolate. It couldn't be because he keeps sticking his fingers in the dogs mouth..."

Reply: "The 7 year old or the 2 year old?"

Message: "The 7 year old..."

Reply: "That's what I was afraid of."


Message: "college is hard. seriously, I've never felt so retarded."

Reply: "I'm teaching your siblings. I've never thought they were so retarded. Sorry! Love."

Message: "love. I hope you aren't disappointed in me."

Reply: "I could never be disappointed in you... even if you were a (this part left blank to prevent premature judging of the writer...)"

Message: "hahaha. I'm not. I just might get a lot of B's. hopefully not."

Message: "Snow?"

Reply: "Yup and I watched it snow all night."

Message: "That's a good utilization of your time and our money."


Message: "I didn't win the lottery. Crap."

Reply: "Don't give up. You should buy a new ticket though. The jackpot is now 56 million..."

Message: "It's my only chance... I must win. Perhaps we should use our fortune cookie lucky numbers..."

Reply: "Perhaps..."

Message: "A random stranger just told me I looked tired... Crap. My secret is out."

Reply: "Rude"

Message: "I just saw a sign that said:
martial arts
dog training

I'm intrigued."

Reply: "That's weird. How would you even do that? Karate chop your dog if he pees in the house? Flying roundhouse kick to the butt if he jumps up on someone. I'm intrigued too."


Message: "I told Jameson we were watching Charlie Brown's Christmas tonight and that I used to watch it when I was a kid. She said, WHOA. It's that old?"

Reply: "Ouch, that smarts."


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ajnrileysmommy said...

haha..these made me laugh :)