Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We went to see Sarah Palin...

It was freezing cold and the line went all the way around several city blocks. But they stuck with it with only minimal whining! Yeah.
Jack and Jameson enjoyed dancing to the music while waiting for Palin to arrive.
Justine insisted on bringing her baby who she calls "her baby brother Joseph." Guess who got to carry "Joseph" most of the day? Yep it was me. She very loudly would say, "Well, he's your baby, you carry him." He was very life like from a distance as I had him shoved in the top of my jacket. I'm sure people were contemplating a DFS call on me.


Larsons said...

What a wonderful day.A rainbow covered the sky around 2:00. So proud of God's children. nanny

Kristine said...

We saw her in St. Louis! I love Sarah!!!