Thursday, October 16, 2008

Holy Crap

On homeschooling days, I typically don't answer the phone because otherwise we would never get anything done. Imagine my distress when we came upstairs and heard a message from the new doctor saying he really needed to talk to me, except he was going to be out of the office all afternoon. NOOOOO!

I called the nurse back who started the conversation with, "I really don't know anything about this, but the doctor will be in tomorrow." Great. So what I got out of her was that Josh has tested positive for Giardia cysts. She whispered that we have been reported to the health department as well as the CDC. Of course, he is asymptomatic, but still ewww... gross!

From what I have read, it won't be a big deal to treat with Flagyl, but the poop collecting is not finished. Absolutely wonderful. If you are so inclined, you can read more about Giardia here.

When I asked about Jameson's "samples," the nurse said, "well I don't think they are normal either but at least she hasn't been reported to the CDC and the health department." Gee thanks.

I so want to call our first doctor so bad to thank him and let him know that all of us have been exposed to Giardia while swimming with Josh, sharing a bathroom etc. Maybe I will... after I get done power washing the bathrooms, bathtubs and toilets.



Family of Six: Going To Ethiopia said...

Ugh, no fun! Crystal

Holly Wilgers said...

Okay, so maybe my "Oh Crap!" post doesn't sound so bad now! hahahaha!

ellerbee eight said...

Oh Holly, Holy Crap was the censored version of this news flash. EEWWW!

SisterMom said...

Wow, good times continue at the Ellerbee household!

Linda said...

Be thankful he isn't sick! That would make it all the better to deal with. A round of antibiotics and all will be good again? Let me know if there is something I can/should do. Love you guys. ON WITH THE POOP!!! Linda

Jenny H said...

Holy crap batman! It looks interesting. I was betting on Jameson having the funkier poo. I hope that is a word. Anyway more fun in store for all of you.