Friday, October 17, 2008

Parasite Trifecta

The experience of the parasite trifecta you can give me credit for... the credit for the name of this blog entry goes to my texting bud Grace... isn't she so clever?

So I got a phone call bright and early today from the new Doctor who said that actually Josh not only has the highly contagious, reportable to the United Nations (OK I'm exaggerating... only somewhat) Giardia, but he also has two other parasites that evidently are just like the Giardia's homeboys who hang out with Giardia, but don't actually do much.

He actually said Jameson was the only Ethiopian child he had seen who didn't have something... considering she is the one who I would have bet the bank on having something in her poo, I asked him again and again if he was sure. I was so sure that she had something. The new doctor probably thinks I am obsessed with her poo. New doctor said it may take 18 months to two years for her normal flora to be converted to "our" normal flora which means her poop etc is just going to smell bad for that long. I did convince him into checking a few more things; he's probably just doing so to appease me. So the poop saga continues.
Aren't you so glad I shared?
Oh and he said the rest of us only need to be tested if any of us become deathly ill with explosive diarrhea. Isn't that great news?!
Yeah, I'm waiting patiently for that.


Larsons said...

Sounds challenging! Not sure what this is but God bless the poop! To the best family I've seen. mom

Jeanie said...

I'll still have ya over...we only have 2 bathrooms so lets hope the explosive diarreha is under control.

Peculiar Smith Family said...

Hey, I can tell you ALL about parasites. And not just giardia (which we still are trying to get rid of in both girls), but also roundworms, hookworms, and oh yeah! the "friends of giardia" too. And here's the disgusting part, I have actually SEEN them! So fun, isn't it?

Denise said...

Good times!!! Gotta love it don't ya?? It is so frustrating to find out your kid has "normal" poop when you know there is nothing normal about it!! From one pooper scooper to the next, Denise