Wednesday, October 08, 2008

L M N O P...

This week Justine is studying the letter P. One of her assignments for school was to bring a food to share with the class that starts with a P. At dinner, we were all brainstorming with her as to what food she could bring. Everyone was yelling out all kinds of foods that start with a P.
"pumpkin pie, potpie, popcorn, porcupine (OK that was a stretch but it was from Jack... what do we expect), pizza, pineapple..."
The list went on and on.
Suddenly Josh, who as you know seems to live in his own little world, seemed to wake up only realizing half of what we were talking about and yells out, "macaroni and cheese."
Everyone stopped what they were doing and started laughing hysterically. If nothing else, our household is entertaining.


Family of Six: Going To Ethiopia said...

He meant P.. P.. P.. PASTA!!! Crystal

Lisa said...

Yup, I think Crystal figured him out!!! Cute!