Wednesday, October 29, 2008

28 hours of bliss

You all know how much I love my family... right? But let me tell you about 28 hours of bliss I had this last weekend which may just last another 5 years. Josh had a soccer game out of town last weekend. Initially we were all going to pack up and go to Oklahoma for the tournament. Reason stepped in and showed us that we really didn't need to be spending money on 2 hotel rooms and meals out for 8 people right now, plus the fact that I would be taking 40 hours off of work (I work 24 on the weekend and get paid for 40) Therefore the boys went to Oklahoma and the girls went to my MIL's for the weekend. I worked Friday night and came home to a virtually empty house Saturday morning. I went to bed at 7am... Ok start your clocks now. I read for awhile and then fell asleep with my book literally opened on my face. I slept without needing to be awoken by that horrible, horrible alarm. I woke up and started reading again... what a luxury! I conned Jordan into getting us both Subway for lunch/dinner around 3 and we ate in my bed... OK now we're up to 8 hours in bed. I read a little bit more and then received a call that I was being put on call for low census which basically means it was my turn to stay home because we didn't have enough patients to have all of us come in. This only happens about once or twice a year, so I was elated, but also anticipating a phone call to come in at any minute. I finished my book and started another book (Book two of the Twilight series) around 4pm. I finished the book at 11pm... Now we are up to 16 hours in my bed. I texted Jeff and told him I thought I was getting bed sores and I needed to be turned, but it didn't get me out of that bed. After I finished book two of the series I can't put down (I know they're for teenagers... but I really like them) Jordan and I watched the episodes of Gray's Anatomy that we hadn't seen yet. I eventually fell asleep and didn't get out of bed until 11am Sunday morning... for a grand total of 28 hours in bed. What a blissful, glorious weekend! Thank you to all who were involved in making that happen.


Anonymous said...

So cool! I had a "low census" day today, too! There weren't enough home health visits to justify all the nurses coming in, so I got to stay home and blog!

You crack me up--texting about getting bedsores! Sounds to me like you DESERVED a day in bed peacefully READING!!! (My oldest daughter has read all the books in that series...if it is the series I am thinking about...with the cats?! She loves them.)

Larsons said...

Resting in the Lord, with a special gift Jordan. You needed this.It ok. mom