Friday, October 10, 2008

8 months home...

Wow, 8 months home. It's amazing isn't it? Jameson keeps saying, "We've been home for 8 years." And quite honestly, it kind of feels that way. There is a sense of permanency now that was perhaps lacking in previous months. There is that sense that they've always been here.

In 8 short months, we've actually seen the seasons change from winter, to spring, to summer and now fall. Just as the other kids feel a sense of accomplishment and ownership in the stories we share from before they were born, Josh and Jameson now feel some ownership in all of this. Jameson asked me this morning, "how long did it take for us to paint that map on the wall..." And I don't think it's because she got her pronouns mixed up... she now realizes that all that happened before they got here is still theirs. We have talked about God's plan for their lives, and the fact that God, while he didn't cause their parents to die, he did make plans for them to be with us from the minute they were born. Because of God's plan for them and for us, they have always been a part of our family as God intended it to be. It's funny to look back at how Jeff and I met and got married 11 years ago... the people we were then compared to now. God has been grooming all of us for this. These are the things we share with the kids. We let them know about the long road getting here. And we help them to see God's hand in their lives.

We are all together looking forward to what the future holds for our family. We talk about the future. We look forward to our first trip to the ocean. We look forward to Christmas and snow. We are no longer all looking backwards. I have learned first hand it's a lot easier, safer, and more fun to walk while looking straight ahead with our heads held high than to walk with our backs turned to the future.
There are still some issues that we are dealing with, but we are dealing with them on a day to day basis with a sense of hope for the future. And we are laughing again... and laughing and laughing and laughing. 8 months is good.


Jenny H said...

I am so glad that they are a part of this crazy mixed up union that we call our family! I enjoyed being with you all this weekend. Have a great week.

Larsons said...

God is good all the time. Life will always be a challenge. Never boring. mom