Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yet another mystery...

The case of "loving Jordan too much" becomes increasingly odd, psychotic and/or weird. We have discovered that someone has cut a 15 inch long section of Jordan's hair leaving a 2 inch long chunk sticking straight up alfalfa style.

Images of a stalker with a Jordan shrine adorned with her hair have entered my mind. I've looked for evidence all over the house, but have yet to find any.
Other options we are considering are: a witches brew which required the hair of a genius, some kind of Barbie wig or perhaps a lesson to teach her to not fall asleep in class.

We may never solve this mystery. I am hoping that there is no direct link between the mirror and the hair... Jordan may have a stalker living right here in this house.

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Jenny H said...

I'm a little concerned. Have you checked out under the stairs for a shrine. Maybe it is the dust bunnies. Not that you would have any of those. Very perplexing. That was a big word for me and I'm not sure if I even spelled it right. I'm sure you'll get a good laugh if not. Love you all.