Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snow Day

We awoke today to such a nice surprise. I say surprise because the weatherman said there was a 100% chance for snow last night. I say surprise because they ALWAYS say that, and we never get any snow. I say surprise because I went to bed after midnight and there was no snow, and we awoke at 7am to find 8 inches of snow! This was the first real snow our new kids have ever really seen!

Jack and Joshua digging a fort in the snow in the front yard.

Joshua was a natural at sledding. I bet he went up and down that hill 5 X for every 1 time everyone else did. He couldn't get enough and was really disappointed when the girls were cold and wanted to go home!

It was awesome to see the kids actually playing together. Today was what I have been wanting: 6 siblings playing together, not 2 different families of siblings playing together. Today, these were two brothers playing in the snow together.

Poor Mae Mae still didn't feel good. She ended up watching movies in the car while everyone else went sledding ; (

Justine kept making these huge snow balls and carrying them around.
She kept losing them and had to make more. Here's how that conversation went:
Justine: "Have you seen my big balls?"
Mom: "No, where did you leave them?"
Justine: "They are SNOW, where do you think I left them?"
Mom: "I wouldn't have any idea."
Justine: " I guess I'll just have to make more; way to be responsible Mom."
Joshua on his 107th trip back up the hill!

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Linda said...

Those are such fun!! Thanks for letting me see and be a part of.