Saturday, March 29, 2008

An Ellerbee Who Dun It?

Jordan came to me this afternnoon and said, "Mom, you've got to come downstairs to see this."

"Is it going to make me mad?"
Jordan, "I don't think so..."
So she leads me into the bathroom, where I find the words "I Love Jordan" scrawled on the mirror in sharpie marker.
Jordan says, "Wow, they're defacing property in my name. Cool."
And so the process begins.
Handwriting Analysis.
I'm considering waterboarding.

"Did you write on the mirror?"
"What? I do not understand..."

"Did you write on the mirror?"
"What? I do not understand..."
Justine was ruled out because her J's are still backwards.
Jack was ruled out because he wouldn't go to any extra effort to write ANYTHING he didn't have to.
Jordan was ruled out... well that's obvious.
Josh was ruled out... because he said he didn't do it, and he's never proved to lie to me, nor does it seem like a boy thing to do (there I am being stereotypical again)

So it comes down to the two 8 year olds...
Jaiden: "I swear I didn't do it."

Jameson: "What? I do not understand..."

You be the judge! I won't tell you who I think did it.
Well, at least it was a nice thing to write... it could have been worse.

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