Friday, March 21, 2008

My Lousey Day

Imagine my horror earlier this week when Jameson was getting her hair braided by our friend Fettla, and Fettla exclaimed, "She has bugs!" What? No way! Sure enough. That 9 year old said it all. I found the little critters crawling all around Jameson's scalp. When did they move in? I didn't see them yesterday when we did hair...
We then found 1 in Justine's hair, 2 in Jaiden's hair. The girls have all been sleeping together for weeks. They are never in the same bed two nights in a row and end up sleeping together every night... Joshua slept in their room the night before because Jack was at a friend's house... So do you know what that means? EVERYONE got washed, scrubbed, and combed. ALL of the bedding got washed and pillows, stuffed animals etc got fumigated.
I wish they had an anti lice bomb you could set off on your whole house... gross! The good news is Jack shaved his head a few weeks ago and doesn't have enough hair to support life... so 5 kids, 2 parents and 6 beds.

Time to wash, process and comb hair...3 hours.
Time to wash ALL of the bedding in my house...12 hours.
Time to enjoy this picture of Jaiden getting her hair scrubbed... forever.

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