Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doro Wat - Doro what?

While perusing the spices at Mama Jeans' Natural Food Store on Saturday, we came across this package of Teff flour. For some reason, we thought we would not be able to get Teff flour in the States, but according to this $7 per 1 pound 8oz package, evidently that wasn't true! As you may or may not know, Teff flour is the necessary ingredient needed to make Injera!

We made Injera and Dora Wat for the kids.
I can guarantee it wasn't what they were used to...
the Injera was dark and not spongey at all.
We still need to get Berbere for the Dora Wat. We subsituted a combination of spices to make it taste right.
Jeff had to add red food coloring to the Dora Wat to make it look like the right color.

Guess what this became? An empty plate, nearly licked clean by two really happy kids!

Oh Yeah!

I think that even though it wasn't even close to what they're used to, I think just the fact that we TRIED has made all the difference. They have been more willing to try new things and have had such great attitudes since our "Ethiopian food night." We will definitely keep trying to perfect it.

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The Wilkinsons said...

Oooh! Brave woman! I might be calling for some recipes. You might even have to ship me some Teff flour!