Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring is here!

We are so ready for Spring and Summer. Gone are the days when Jameson would argue with me when I told her it was cold outside. Gone are the days that we would go outside and play in 30 degree weather just so I could prove my point to her. And gone are the days of Jameson's little blue lips frozen from playing outside, refusing to admit that it was actually really, really cold!
I had the best compliment this week. Julie's daughter was really ill and had to go to the ER. Julie thought, "Where can I take a snot nosed, hungry baby still in her pajamas with little or no notice?" And my name was close to the top of the list. I definitely was the only person to answer the phone at 8am. And I didn't have any other plans... so I won an opportunity to babysit for Miss Jayden. Since Jayden's adoption was what really put a spark in my adoption fire, I was thrilled to get to spend some time with her. Joshua and Jameson were in the same orphanage with Jayden when she was in Ethiopia. Jameson, looking at Jayden, studying her, said, "She was very small in Ethiopia and did not cry. Now she is fat and well..." Well let's just say that Jayden is um, er, um very vocal about her needs! She is adorable, and we will always feel a certain attachment to her, just as Tim and Julie are so attached to ours. It's awesome to have such a sense of family and community.
Jameson practiced writing her name and Joshua's name. Joshua gets irritated with her because she calls him "Joshula." He is always telling her how to say his name. Jameson wrote with her sidewalk chalk "My mam name es Gina." We played hopscotch and wrote all of our names on the driveway. Jameson was practicing writing her name and Joshua's name. We are trying to teach them to say and spell Ellerbee. I would hate for them to go to school next week and not know their last names. That could be quite confusing for so many people.
Look at that face! Can you see the joy? I love this look. This look takes away all of the stress, all of the turmoil over "I don't like this" (How I wish I could inflect her accent with this statement!) This takes away all of the pouting and the refusing to speak to me. I love this girl!
Jack: "I'm going to get you."
Jayden: "Grrrrrrrr"
Jack, you better look out, that girl can and will hurt you!

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