Saturday, March 29, 2008

First Day of School

Joshua and Jameson started school this week. This has been a whole new experience for me. I'm sure many people are probably wondering why a homeschooling family would put their new kids in public school.

Allow me to shed some light on that... it's wasn't what we had originally thought we would do. I assumed I would homeschool for the rest of this year, and then put them in Gloria Deo. Public school came into thought after they'd been home for a few weeks. I had absolutely no idea where to start with them, and I was having a hard time keeping them motivated and focused. They seemed to be much more into the school of Television than in the school of mom. Their English is so spotty, as is spelling, math and everything else.

Everything I tried to start with them seemed to be so over their heads. Josh could read an entire book and then not be able to tell me one thing it was about. And so we sent them to public school. In typical Gina style, now that they're coming home with counting money worksheets and telling time (two things they have NEVER seen), I'm beginning to see things that we could do at home that would be better... I'm never happy am I? So we will continue to keep them in public school for the rest of the year. I see another year of 3rd and 5th grade in their future, but we will do whatever works for them. That's the beauty of this family. We are non-traditional. We do what works for us at the time.

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