Friday, March 20, 2009

Where does she come up with this stuff?

Today as I was getting ready, Justine said, "Mom, are you trying to look handsome for dad?"

Then her hand clasps across her mouth, "Girls aren't handsome..."

Thinking she was going to say beautiful...

She replies, "I mean are you trying to look hot?"

Seriously, we don't usually refer to each other as hot... where does she come up with this stuff?


Lisa said...

Cute:-) Hey, thanks for doing all the leg work on the reunion! I can't wait to meet you guys!!! Looking forward to it! YAY!!!

Sandee said...

Too dariling!

So fess up...were you??!!


Larsons said...

Justine is the watchgirl and does not miss a thing.She spent much time digging for worms. Brougth them in the house says she is going fishing this summer with poppy. While Jaiden and Jameson wood not touch them. Her mind is so active. What a joy. mom

Rebecca said...

Are you positive that she's not my daughter? Tramp stamp and hot...sounds like two of my favorite sayings!!! Ha!!! Is it July yet?

Chris said...

Oh yes, the things our little darlings come up with. My son Reagan got a note sent home in Kindergarten for saying that to a little girl in his class. What's next!!