Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Grammar is my life...

A few years ago, we found out that our new neighborhood had a homeowner's association with covenants that no one knew about. At that time, most of the people who lived in this neighborhood had bought their lots and built their own homes. No one had any idea about this mysterious association.

My lovely husband volunteered to be on the board. He isn't an overly politically or otherwise active person, therefore I believe his volunteerism was mostly because we had put in a pool earlier that summer. Having that pool, as it turns out, was against the covenants, and he wanted to make sure that some crazy person didn't get in control of the association. I believe what I said at the time was, "I'll get rid of my pool... over my dead body."

Such drama in Ellerbeeville all the time.

So for the first couple of years, my dear husband would meet with the other board members. Year after year, board members quit or moved away. They were never replaced.

It ended up being us and the people down the street who raise and eat the rabbits in their back yard. I apologize if you read my blog... which I can't imagine you would, but I can't hold it in any longer.

Here's the rant:

The rabbit eaters keep taking it upon themselves to do stuff in the name of the association without asking for any help or running anything by us. AND they continue to put OUR name (misspelled btw) at the bottom of the letters.

Last week, they sent everyone who hadn't paid last year's dues to collections ... I am getting all kinds of hate mail over that.

This week, I get a letter from the homeowner's association written completely in sentence fragments and poor grammar announcing a meeting to elect new board members. There are explicit directions as to how to get to the meeting. There is a statement threatening that the meeting will start promptly at 7:00pm. But guess what they forgot to put on the letter that went out to every homeowner in our neighborhood, complete with our name misspelled at the bottom?

THE DATE FOR THE MEETING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now all I can think is that every single person in my neighborhood thinks I am an idiot. Now granted, I am the queen of excessive commas, inappropriate apostrophes, and too frequent use of of the ellipse, but this letter sounded like a second grader wrote it.

What can I say? Grammar is my life. It bothers me that I am getting phone call after phone call today about the letter. It bothers me that I am getting hate mail and being called "unneighborly" for sending my neighbors to collections. But mostly... I hate it that anyone would think I had anything to do with that poorly constructed letter.



MissMeliss said...

Oh my goodness!!! I hope you can get this resolved soon. I'd be pretty mad at the crazy rabbit people, too! lol


Sandee said...

oh my! well, I have to know...What did you do???!!! Did you tell them to quit sending out letters with your name on them? Send out a counter letter?

And sending folks to collections...geesh!

Life has enough going on without this..... said...

Oh NO! This is just crazy! My oh my, strange people!!!

I hate getting mixed up with strange people.

I am feeling sorry for you in this situation!!!!!!!!!

elisa said...

Wow, I can't wait to find out how the meeting! That's tonight right, haha!

misschris said...

Gina, I would be, too.

This is strange and weird, and really, something you will be laughing about 10 years from now... but it would tire me out too. Woman, you have enough to juggle.

Do you think they are trying to get themselves replaced on the board?? Maybe the rabbiteaters are so very tired of being In Charge. (Which might explain why they didn't have the oomph to draft a proper letter, yo.)

ellerbee eight said...

Oh, I am laughing about it now. But yet still oh so irritated. I'm sure the rabbit eaters are tired of being on the board, but geez, come on people.

Nikko and Matt said...

I think I am going to make a concerted effort not to live anywhere that has a HOA.

Denise said...

Let us know how that meeting goes!! :)