Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Jaiden

I am...... well..... over a month late in posting about Jaiden's birthday. But it's because I wanted to make it the perfect post about the perfect girl!
Jaiden turned 9 on February 18th.
I am utterly amazed at the young lady she has become.
She was such a difficult baby.... but oh so cute. She would cry everytime we got in the car, and poor little Jack, just a baby himself, at 16 months old, would say, "Baby, shut up... please just shut up."
She was easily overstimulated by new things. She wouldn't get into a swimming pool until she was at least three years old. She would cry on a whim....

She cried at every birthday party she had from age 1 to about 5. Even singing happy birthday to her was too much...

But she had this awesome smile. She could wear bowl cut bangs like no other girl, and she grew into this happy, reassured child.

She finally learned to relax....

And amazingly, she grew into this beautiful, smart, sweet nine year old. She is the little mommy of the house. She takes care of others. She loves like no other. We love her so much and are so lucky to have our mae mae.

P.S. I finally remembered the birthday plate!



Julie said...

You just described Noah perfectly. Except for the "finally learned to relax part" :-) He had sensory integration disorder when he was younger. Still has bits of it but has outgrown a lot. Unfortunately he hasn't outgrown the ADHD. We took him to his first movie at 3 (Veggie Tales Jonah) and he cried because it was too loud and too dark.

Jenny H said...

We love our mae mae!! Great post even if it was a month late!

Rebecca said...

Awww...happy late birthday Jaiden!