Thursday, June 26, 2008

My surrogate sister

My surrogate sister, Susan, mother to Kalkidon and Michael, our kids' cousins, went to Ethiopia recently to secure a facility for her program - Project Glow. The first time I ever talked to Susan on the phone, I felt like I knew her. We have become internet friends and support for each other. You can read about the time we got to visit with her family here. She went to visit the grandmother of all of our kids. You can read about the time we spent with grandma here.

From her email:
"I also went to visit Grandma, Sazina, and Uncle Tomas. Overall though she was so happy to get photos of the kids...brought some of yours from our zoo visit. She was so funny and obviously LOVES you. In a sense she said, "your sister Gina stayed 2 days with me when she was here so can't you spend the night"....yeah right! She also said you had "meat" with her and insisted that I at least have some bread and tea. AND if that were not enough, the girl that was with me she thought looked like you and so she had to have her photo taken with her!!! You're obviously her favorite!

Two things she said about your kids...Joshua is an angel and always has been. I said, Merkeb is doing well...a little stubborn at times...and she quickly replied, "she is like her father" with a grin. SO cute!

My friend (the one that looks like you) just got home but she took some photos and will be sending them my way. She is a professional photographer and I can't wait to see the pics. I will be sure to send them on."

We were so excited to hear about her visit and her project. She is such a wonderful Godly woman; with a wonderful family. I love to lean on her in the rough times and support her in her rough times. As I have mentioned before, adoption has made me realize how important friendship, fellowship and truly loving your neighbor really is. Please pray for Grandma. She has not been in good health for quite some time, which is why the kids were all placed in the orphanage in the first place.

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emily said...

Thank you for coming out and saying hi!! Do you know my friend Julie that is in the process of her 2nd Ethiopian adoption?? She lives in Springfield. She is Julie on my blogroll and the one pictured with the precious Ethiopian babe from family camp. :) We were just in your neck of the woods at Kanakuk!

You have a gorgeous family!! It is very nice to "meet" you.