Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Forrest Gump on worms....

"Well, you've got your tapeworms, your inchworms, your earthworms, your pinworms, your roundworms, your hookworms, your heartworms... "

I think Mae Mae has a ringworm on her arm. We have had more than our share of fungal infections, lice, scabies... I'm beginning to feel like a public health expert.

Anyone got a jock itch they need identified?

This little sore started out looking like a big bug bite, but when she woke up this morning, it had a perfect circle around it. It looks like your typical ringworm. (Of course, that's just my amateur opinion...)
I spent much of the day trying to figure out how to tell the little girl who fainted when she saw that dirt came out of her ear, that she has ringworm.

When we were trying to explain that it wasn't actually a worm, our kids sounded like a bunch of little Forrest Gumps talking about "all kinds of different worms." And all this over dinner! EW!

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