Monday, June 02, 2008

What story does your quilt tell?

We had the wonderful opportunity to meet and paint with an artist from Nigeria. His name is Ibiyinka Alau (or some phoenetic resemblance of that).
He has donated several paintings for a fundraiser my friend Becky is doing for deaf children in Ethiopia.
He invited all of our kids to paint with him. It was an awesome experience to get to see what they could create. The kids were absolutely silent and so thoughtful as he gave directions. They listened to every word as he created a painting, telling them step by step how to do it, giving them insight into not only artistic techniques, but also insight into their developing legacies.

This is one of his wondrous works of art. He talked to the kids about the story our artwork can tell. The quilt in the background of this painting is beautiful. He taught the kids that each person could recreate this piece of art, and it would look different because we are all individuals. We all have something different to create, something different to bring to the table. He explained that it doesn't matter what color your quilt is. It doesn't matter where your quilt has been. What matters is the story your quilt can tell. How profound!
Look at her concentration and determination.

Justine's getting some one on one assistance. She was the youngest one of the group, and I think her painting was just as good as some of the big kids... if not better.
Jack did a great job on his painting. His perspective was perfect.

My Painting!

Jack's Painting!
Jordan's Painting!

Justine's Painting!

Jameson's Painting!
Josh's Painting!

I somehow didn't get a picture of Mae Mae's painting, but here she is painting her masterpiece.

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Laikin L! said...

those were great and i think i know that artist bnecuse is painting looks so familiar because we have a guy come to our school when i went to sait agnes and if it wasent that painting it was one like it! how wierd