Thursday, June 12, 2008

A pair of socks and a scout

We have taken this week of soccer camp to attempt to teach the boys about responsibility and the importance of getting their stuff in the laundry. They have been directed to lay out their uniforms, including soccer socks, indoor shoes, outdoor shoes, water bottles and clothes for soccer camp in an attempt to decrease the early am scramble and nervous breakdown of their mother. Josh has definitely had a difficult time with this, and rather than look through their sock drawer, he chose some of Jeff's dress socks off the top of the laundry basket for his soccer socks today. These would be the dress socks. At least they were clean... I think.
I didn't even notice his sockwear until we got in the car and I heard Jack say, "nice socks." When I turned around and looked at his socks, a part of me wanted to make him go to soccer camp like that. The love and logic part of me. The part of me wanting to teach him about consequences. I could have guaranteed an entire day of torment if he wore those socks to camp. I really didn't want him to experience that, and well today was family day... and to be perfectly honest, those were my consequences too. All the other soccer moms would be there. The ones who have their hair fixed all the time. The ones who don't look like they just rolled out of the garden to slide in just under the wire to pick up their kids. Yes, it would be those moms! So I ran back inside and found a pair of soccer socks * you guessed it * on the top of the sock drawer. And yes, for those of you wondering, he does know where the socks are, and yes he does know which socks are for soccer.

After the soccer camp, I was walking up to where Josh was standing with his coach. He could see me coming, but the coach had his back to me. I heard him say, "Is your dad here?" Josh just wagged his finger at me... When the coach turned around, he looked surprised. I'm not sure if he was surprised that I wasn't a dad or that I was white. But I digress. Three different coaches came up to me to ask if Josh could try out for the Springfield Soccer Club Team. That would be the "highly expensive, practice all the time, must be chosen to play for" team. As we were walking away, the coach said to expect a phone call tomorrow. Then another coach said to expect several phone calls tomorrow... what does that mean?

I immediately imagined a book with a touching story about a little boy from an orphanage in Ethiopia who made it big in soccer after being adopted by a wonderful, loving family....
I think Jeff immediately saw this:

When I explained to Josh what a club team was, his response was, "I play with Ronaldinho?"
Ronaldinho is a professional soccer player who Josh adores. Not quite buddy, but maybe later.
We are so proud of him and will let him try out next week. If he makes it on the team, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. I am so happy because he is so happy. I finally saw a smile today and if I could see that everyday, it might be worth the price of being on a club team...


Linda said...

Now you might attach the responsibility of learning to being allowed to compete in this soccer league? Just a thought. I am so proud of him and you guys! Hang in there. Let me know if you need anyone pickup or taken to things.

GG said...

Yes, we definitely had that same thought. IF we allow him to play, he's going to really have to buckle down on his schoolwork, learning English and in general helping around the house. We already told him last night that there were certain things he would have to do in order to get to play. What a bargaining chip though!

Chris said...

Gina, I absolutely love the new pictures of the kids!!! And your posts are so beautifully honest with love. Thanks for sharing!