Monday, December 17, 2007

We're still waiting, waiting, waiting

It's so funny because every one of my babies had to be induced. I have had to wait before. I wish there was a way to induce these two to get here. The bad thing is there's really nothing we can do. Crystal has emailed Shimellis and heard nothing back yet. If we just knew that the court date was successful, we could go ahead and book our reservations. It's really frustrating because unfortunately, time is money. The longer we wait to book, the more we are going to spend. And more than the money, we are just ready for them to be here. It would be easy to get wound up and angry over it, but there's nothing we can do. God has brought us this far, and the waiting will soon be over. I know that we are going to look back over the next few weeks and think "Wow that went really fast." So in the mean time, we are going to be working on our packing list, our donations for the orphanage and getting our kids bags together. We still have so much to do! I will let you know as soon as I hear anything out of Africa.


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