Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Notification of Parental Responsibilities

As of today December 26, 2007 at 7:58 pm CST, we were notified that we are now the official parents of Merkeb (William) Jameson Ellerbee and Filemon (William Joshua Ellerbee. YEAH!

We have waited so long for this moment, it's almost surreal. Jeff cried; I'm just absolutely in shock and numb. I thought the courtdate wasn't until tomorrow, so I actually didn't worry about it too much today. When Crystal called, I couldn't believe it! It's done.

They are officially ours! Crystal is forwarding an email from Shimellis about the travel time frame. She said he has broken it all down into how long it takes to get what paperwork done etc. We are NOW looking at traveling the first two weeks of February. So that looks like our 10 year wedding anniversary and convention plans at the end of February may be put on hold...but who cares?

They are going to be here soon! What an awesome, wonderful Christmas gift! Now we move on to travel arrangements and packing! What an awesome week! Christmas, Adoption day and Justine's #5 birthday tomorrow! YEAH!!!!!!!!

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