Monday, December 10, 2007

Ice Storm Again??????

Well we had our first real hint of winter. Another ice storm hit last night. We were so worried that it would be as bad as last year. Luckily it wasn't! Thank God. The kids were up early to see if school had been cancelled. Luckily, it wasn't! Jack and Jaiden couldn't wait to get outside to check it out! Last night Jordan said she had fun during the last ice storm. Does anyone else remember having fun during the last ice storm? Working non-stop at our church that was turned into a nursing home? Falling down the ice covered front steps? Poppy freezing to death in his cold, dark house? OK, I guess I did kind of enjoy going to WalMart and seeing Jordan's friends laying on beanbags in the TV section with pillows and blankets (not purchased yet). And I enjoyed watching the entire Rocky collection. I enjoyed the fact that I never lost power... OK Jordan you're right, it was kind of fun. I enjoyed spending time with family and friends. I enjoyed the sense of community and the coming together of unlikely groups. I still don't think I enjoyed working in the nursing home though.

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Ginny said...

Can't ever get enough Ellerbee! Now I have 2 sites to read. I think every family should have this-expecially my friends and family so I can keep up with them daily. Thanks G!