Friday, December 14, 2007

Ethiopia, Here We Come

Our "Ethiopia, Here We Come" party was last night to celebrate the official courtdate in Ethiopia. We are 1 step closer to bringing Merkeb and Filemon home.

Our little Mikey (give it to Mikey, he'll eat anything)
Jaiden enjoying some "authentic" Ethiopian food!

MacKenzie and Jayden sharing!

Isn't she the most beautiful baby in the world?

Jeff did a great job making the Ethiopian food. Ben made a "succulent" eggplant dish, and Linda made a great fruit salad. Thanks!

Looks great doesn't it? tasted good!


Mindy said...

'Succulent'. Indeed, the world is most certainly spinning in the right direction when a man who describes himeself as a 'backwoods hilljack' can describe his own Ethiopian salad creation as 'succulent'.
It was a great party! Thank you!

Ben said...

I just call it as I see it. The eggplant salad was an invigorating blast to the palate. As was all of the wonderful cuisine that evening.