Sunday, December 09, 2007

Are they all yours?

So last night, I decided I would from now on reply "6" when anyone asked how many children I have. I need to get used to saying that, and quite honestly it feels good to say it. So there's this one, kind of airhead RT who asked me how many kids I have. When I said 6, she said "are they all yours"? I said yes, they're all mine. Two are being adopted , 4 are already at home. And she goes on to say multiple times "so 4 of them are your and 2 aren't." I said "no they're all mine." So she keeps on asking "but 2 of them aren't yours?" I wanted to punch her in the nose. Finally I just turned around and walked off. I think they are all mine. Every single pea picking one of them. I have 6 (yes six) children, and they are all mine! By the way, when she found out the kids etc, she said "Wow, you're going to have problems when you get them home, you know." What a freak.


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