Friday, November 07, 2008

Some more halloween stuff...

Halloween has always been one of those weird holidays that we look forward to. We usually try not to do anything too scary or demonic, but quite honestly we love the free candy. We spread out this year's festivities over a week with at least 4 different opportunities to dress up. With that many opportunities, of course, the kids were bound to get tired of their costumes and want to change. I'm so glad we didn't buy any costumes this year. We only used things we had at home. Why we have a vampire cape at home, I will never know.
Justine was originally supposed to be a cheerleader... but she decided her personality was better suited by the bride of frankenstein. Isn't she a beautiful bride?
I think one of the reasons why we have so many kids is because we ARE like two kids. We will do just about anything to have fun with them. I did Halloween all during the week with the kids at the zoo and the nature center. Jeff got to actually take them trick or treating on Halloween night. In case you can't tell, he was also a cheerleader. Notice the bosoms. Nice huh? I called from work to take inventory on the candy situation and when I asked Jeff my usual, "Whatcha doing?" I just about choked when he replied, "Just taking off your bra."
"What? Jeff, you didn't wear my good black bra did you? You will stretch it out again..."
My co-workers were speechless. Double nice huh?
Introducing Mrs. Frankenstein. Nice red eyes. How fitting for her.
Do you like the fake blood? Yeah that was a nice effect. I didn't realize it came out of the tube so fast and squirted it all over the table in the lobby of the nursing home we were visiting that day. They probably thought someone was really sick when they found that blood smeared everywhere. I tried to clean it up... honest. That stuff is nasty. Don't buy it. And it comes out way too fast.

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