Friday, November 07, 2008

Don't Worry...

Don't worry I haven't hidden any of the children in the closet or worse yet... outside.
Yesterday was a BAD day. And it was bad because of one of my bio kids...he knows who he is, and I don't need to say who it was. ha.

I was totally expecting one of those anonymous comments like, "you don't even deserve those kids... blah blah blah." Thank you for not going there. There are those days when you would be insane to NOT think, "why have I done this to myself?" Homeschooling all these kids... UGH!
"I could be sitting here reading and watching TV with my 2.2 kids in school and my house clean. I could be relaxing and not fretting over whether someone's stupid history banquet speech is memorized. I could be working days and sleeping nights."

But I didn't want just 2.2 kids, and I didn't want them in public school and I didn't want to sit around watching TV, reading and I didn't want to have a clean house... not that that is what you do if you have 2.2 kids and stay home with said 2.2 kids... please don't take that the wrong way.... but I digress.

And so, today is a much better day. I took my own advice. When it isn't working, it's insane to keep doing it the same way. We will continue to look for new ways for behavior modification and perhaps some corporal punishment thrown in there from time to time. Hopefully, we will get different results.


Linda said...

Just breath deep and jump in the deep end! It's all easier from there right? I'm proud of what you do and are trying to accomplish. I hope you know that. Linda

Rebecca said...

Here I am, sitting here trying to be very quiet (Ava is napping) and you made me burst out laughing!! Just thinking about your post from today and yesterday has it bubbling up again! You are so in trouble if she wakes up!!
I have to know...did you shoot the dog, get rid of the fruit flies, lock anyone outside?
Maybe for punishment, you should make the troublemaker catch the fruitflies with chopsticks and go feed them to the yapping dog????
I still think that you need to take notes so that you can write a book. It would definitely be a bestseller!!