Wednesday, November 26, 2008

For Thanksgiving...

Poor Justine will be having an appetizer of Albuterol, with a side of Pulmicort, an entree of Zithromax and lots of liquids to drink.

She has been sick for 4 weeks now and just can't seem to kick this terrible cough. Last night, she spiked a fever and said her chest hurt. So me being the responsible mother and nurse that I am finally took her to the doctor. She has left lower lobe pneumonia, right lower and middle lobe pneumonia. She was wheezing and had crackles in both bases of her lungs. Her oxygen saturations were low in the office and she looks like crap!

We are all loving on her and babying her even more than we usually do.
I hope she feels better by tomorrow, she was really looking forward to some pumpkin pie!


Anonymous said...

Bless her heart. I'm glad they let her come back home rather than popping her into the hospital.

Chris said...

Poor little Justine.
Hope that she is feeling better soon .
Happy Thanksgiving !!

Peculiar Smith Family said...

Oh, I hope she's feeling better soon! Save some good Thanksgiving leftovers for her!

Melissa said...

YUCK!!! Our life is full of daily maintenance breathing treatments due to Sarah Grace's asthma, but I hate pneumonia. It just makes little ones feel so crummy! We get so many sick kiddies on our floor with it. Hopefully she will continue to improve!!!! (((HUGS)))