Saturday, June 06, 2009

Springpatch USA

I know we often make fun of living in Springpatch USA, and I have many times wondered what would have happened if we had relocated somewhere exotic before we were old and "settled." But I have been reminded as of late, why we truly are living in a great area.

We drove 45 minutes in one direction this week and ended up at the lake. We went out on the boat with a friend, swam in the still frigid waters of Tablerock Lake, and excitedly planned our camping trip.

We drove 45 minutes in the other direction and eneded up at the drive in. A real old fashioned drive in complete with deja vu from my childhood. We cuddled up with blankets and watched a double feature, getting all 6 kids home after 1am.

We went to Shakespeare in the Park and laughed our heads off at "Much Ado About Nothing." We are studying Shakespeare in school, so I started with this play. The kids actually laughed at the appropriate places, were engaged with the story, and knew the names of the characters before most adults caught on.

We also went to Jordan Valley Park and played in the fountains one day. This is an awesome green space in the middle of downtown. The fountains are great. The grass is rolling and thick. The flowers are in bloom.

As you can see I used this time to rest.


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